As advertisers straddle both the old TV world and the new online ecosystem with unifying ad measuring metrics, they are challenged to redefine effectiveness from both ends of the spectrum, says one industry exec.

“The next battlefield has to be effectiveness,” said Nielsen digital client services SVP Andrew Feigenson, when asked what’s next during Beet.TV’s Video ad Effectiveness Summit.

“Why is it so much easier for me to understand the programs on NBC,” Feigenson posited. “(Because) I know the people at NBC, I know it’s going to be on TV, I know they are full-episode players – there’s a trust to it.

“When you move in to the online world, there’s a lot of complexity – all that erodes trust. All that ultimately gets shown when you look at effectiveness.”

Feigenson was questioned in this video interview by Furious Minds CEO Ashley J. Swartz.

Disclaimer: Nielsen sponsored this event.