NEW YORK – Many video ad practitioners bemoan a persistent lack of quality ad space in the industry. But one exec thinks online operators should learn the value of scarcity from certain TV networks.

“On BBC America, we have half the commercials as anyone else,” says BBC Worldwide digital sales EVP Mark Gall. “A lot of fans are saying ‘Wow, I really liked that Audi commercial’ – you usually don’t get that when you have a lot of clutter.”

Asked by Beet.TV Video Ad Effectiveness Summit interviewer Ashley J. Swartz whether that means half the inventory can bring twice the advertiser value, Gall answered: “Absolutely.

“You’re going to remember (the ad) if there’s not 80 commercials in an hour, or five ads on a pag If you reduce clutter, people are going to remember it – and, when they’re in the mind of buying something, they buy it. ”

Was Gall just making excuses for a lack of inventory at the Doctor Who and Sherlock broadcaster? Watch the rest of the video to decide for yourself…