As much as 30% to 40% of the video ad market is comprised of fraudulent or viewerless impressions, says Matt Timothy, President of video ad management platform Vindico, in this interview with Beet.TV. That could run the gamut from auto-initiated, auto mute or video-in-banner spots. But those formats shouldn’t be priced or valued the same way as premium video impressions that can command video CPMs, he explains, calling out the bad seeds in the business.
“We can’t let our market be defined by chicanery,” he says. “We can’t let the display legacy infect video advertising.” Vindico has skin in the game when it comes to ad verification via its Adtricity product that measures and quantifies the quality of a publisher’s inventory for factors such as viewability, content, traffic and more. That’s important because the money from big brands won’t flow into online video until quality issues are cleared up, Timothy says.
As ad platform for video, Vindico tracks, serves, and measures online video ads.  It is a unit of IMH, with sister companies that include MySpace, Xumo, Specific Media.