CANNES – In the rush to distribute content widely, brands shouldn’t lose sight of quality because that matters a whole lot more than quantity, says Wendy Clark, SVP at Coca-Cola in a video interview with Beet.TV at Cannes.”Pursue good and good scales. Go hard after the storytelling and that will have a natural life of its own,” she says.

Given the plethora of platforms and distribution avenues, marketers can get easily distracted by the opportunities for innovation, she adds. That’s why it’s important to focus on the goals with branded content, and to use innovation to serve the strategy. “In the rush to meet the volume requirements of the marketplace, your goal shouldn’t be more. It should be more good content.”

Brands should also partner wisely as they embark on branded content campaigns, adds Laura Desmond, Global CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group. “In a fragmented world, it’s harder and harder to reach engaged consumers…Brands should think about how consumers want to engage…then plan screens and video for effectiveness,” she says.