LONDON – Media planners are starting to consider video agnostically across all platforms, and the next step will be to understand whether they can reach the same consumers on TV and digital or if they need extended reach, says Owen Hanks, General Manager, Europe at YuMe, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“It’s about reaching your consumers where they are when they’re receptive to message, not when you think they are receptive to brand messages,” he tells us, adding that media planners and buyers are looking for how to refine their consumer targeting with video to specific devices in multi-platform campaigns. YuMe has been researching and is introducing services that allow for video player targeting and reporting across devices. More precise targeting can help marketers understand the reach and frequency they need in cross-channel campaigns. “When we look at video consumption, the consumer is way  ahead of where we are in advertising,” Hanks says. That’s why it’s vital to understand how consumers spend time with video on connected TVs, tablets and mobile devices, he says. “We’re still at the learning stages for connected TVs,” he says.

-Daisy Whitney