LAS VEGAS – To take advantage of the skyrocketing growth in Android devices, online video technology provider Ooyala recently launched a new video tool tailored for Android, says Sean Knapp, Chief Technology Officer at Ooyala during an interview with Beet.TV at NAB.

Hook is a new video app that  brings premium video to Android devices. Hook relies on adaptive bitrate and live streaming using HLS and allows for standard ad insertion. “It’s been harder to build an Android experience, but the hope with Hook is that starts to change,” Knapp tells us. “It shouldn’t matter to the consumer which devices they want video on and the technical challenges. It is key and critical to remove those barriers to consumers. Consumers will always follow the path of least resistance.”

Hook enables the delivery of live and on-demand content and integrates analytics and content recommendations. Increasingly, consumers are watching online video as a replacement for TV, he adds. In its recent report, Ooyala found that in March 77 percent of the time spent watching mobile video was with content longer than ten minutes, such as movies and TV shows.

-Daisy Whitney