Bravo was ranked tops in recognizing and showing appreciation for its viewers, with 91% of the network’s viewers saying it offers an outlet for them to express their thoughts on shows, according to NBCU Cable’s Viewer’s Voice research panel. We spoke with Bravo’s EVP Digital Media, Lisa Hsia, at a recent Beet.TV event when she shared insight into how the network aims to engage with viewers.

Also from the study, viewers ranked the network first in offering opportunities to engage with fans and shows — with 89% saying the network does just that. About 85% of viewers said Bravo responds to viewer questions and comments.

As an example of how the network incorporates social mentions, the study pointed out that a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey had generated 21,000 social media mentions, and the network selected 30 randomly to promote during an airing of the show. When it added those mentions, the “chosen handles increased their activity by +41% the next week and +34% the week after,” Bravo said.

-Daisy Whitney