LAS VEGAS – KIT digital, a leading video software and services company, debuted 2Si, a suite of products for second screen, at NAB 2013. Beet.TV spoke with Alan Wolk, global lead analyst for KIT digital, in this video interview about the new app.

At NAB, KIT digital showcased their social program guide which developed from two products already in the marketplace: social TV apps and second screen program guide remote controls. Wolk says 2Si’s social program guide combines the best of the remote control program guide with the some social TV apps. The social program guide is integrated with Facebook so users can see what their friends are watching and has a Twitter feed that can be used within the app.

“It’s not so much about social,” Wolk says. “but the ability to have these other experiences that extend show just beyond the hour or half hour that it’s on the air.”

The second screen app also has a feature called Ad Locker.  As 30-second TV commercials are playing, a banner for the same ad will appear in real time on the second screen. Users can tap the banner and save it to their Ad Locker. Wolk says accessing this Ad Locker at users’ leisure will feel much more like shopping than watching advertising.