PHOENIX — On the heels of its nearly 300% revenue growth in 2012, real-time online video platform LiveRail is opening an office in the United Kingdom and rolling out across Europe in the coming months, says Mark Trefargne, CEO at LiveRail, in an interview with Beet.TV at the annual IAB Leadership Meeting. In addition, LiveRail is updating its Xbox, iPhone and iPad integrations so those devices are real-time bidding capable as well.

"That way publishers can get a seamless experience," he tells us. LiveRail is also building out its measurement tools, in tandem with Nielsen and Facebook, so that publisher partners can deliver ads exclusively to certain segments of their inventory. "Publishers are seeing advertisers look for a guaranteed audience..our tools give insights into which portions of their inventory will deliver that desired audience and that helps reduce waste and improve efficiency."

For more insight into new developments in real-time bidding and programmatic buying, check out this video interview.

Daisy Whitney