Earlier this month, video campaign management platform Extreme Reach launched a new cross-media reporting suite that enables advertisers to measure their video campaigns across all screens, from television to mobile and across the web. 

We spoke  with Extreme Reach CMO Robert Haskitt, about how the service is enabling brands to measure live TV and online video campaigns together.

Haskitt tells us, “The television audience isn’t just viewing TV programming on TV anymore.”  They’re viewing on mobile devices, connected TVs, Smart TVs and more.  This “represents a great opportunity for advertisers to reach those audiences,” says Haskitt.  But advertisers are still facing problems when it comes time “to measure their campaigns across all those screens—to find out what’s working, how those screens work together, to create business, to drive consumers to their brands, etc.”

Extreme Reach’s new cross-media reporting suite solves this problem, by helping marketers understand how their campaigns are working across all of those screens, how they can effectively split media budgets between TV and online video advertising, how they can optimize reach and more.

Megan O’Neill