AUSTIN — The next frontier for digital video is the connected TV, says Jeff Hinz, Managing Partner and U.S. Digital Director at MediaCom, during an interview with Beet.TV. We spoke with him at SXSW where he was a panelist at a private session about digital video organized and hosted by Videology.

“We have 50% of consumers already watching video on their tablets and 30% on their phones. About 10% of all households have an Internet-connected TV, but the majority are accessing connected apps through a device like a Blu-ray or a gaming system, and 60% of all people who have this connectivity are going through these apps to watch video and that is going to continue to explode,” he predicts.

As video grows across devices, data will take on a larger role. Already, marketers are leaning on “big data” both on the front end and back end of campaigns. Ultimately, clients want accountability across platforms and with pricing. “They want to know that what we’re doing with video is accountable,” Hinz says.

More videos from the session and interviews with the speakers to come. Beet.TV’s coverage of this event at SXSW is sponsored by Videology.