PHOENIX — Mobile display and video inventory is growing tremendously, but it’s been challenging to uniquely identify those impressions for marketers, says Brent Gaskamp, senior VP business development North America at Videology. That’s why Videology layered addressable tools into this cookie-less world in a mobile platform, Gaskamp says. Videology now counts 160 million monthly uniques that it uses to identify a range of customer attributes.

“We work with publishers or customers that have a first party relationship with a customer that have the appropriate terms of service that allow us to facilitate our technology as a service provider to help them make more money,” he explains. “We can connect the dots betweenn the consumers and all of the third party data about that consumer.”

Gaskamp elaborates on how the addressable piece of the platform works. “We are trying to help the publisher identify attributes about the consumer, provide those to advertisers or agencies in a privacy-compliant manner, and allow them to utilize their DSPs and systems to optimize delivery,” he says. For more insight into addressable targeting in mobile venues, check out this video interview.

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