LAS VEGAS — For the best marketing success in 2013, brands need a clear-cut data strategy, says Lisa Donohue, CEO of Starcom USA, during an interview with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Data is letting marketers much better customize what they deliver to consumers, the money they spend and the value they derive from it, she adds in this video interview. When it comes to TV, the industry is reaching a tipping point in more precisely measuring TV results, and the emerging growth of connected TVs will help that along. For more insight into how marketers can use data as they harness new technologies like those from CES, check out this video report.

Ashley Swartz is a principal of the New York-based consultancy Furious Minds. She is a regular contributor to Beet.TV

-Daisy Whitney

Editor’s Note: This segment has been produced as part of a series of coverage of CES sponsored by SMG, Starcom MediaVest Group

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