LAS VEGAS – Connected TV technology provider Accedo teamed up with video technology firm thePlatform in a deal that may help service providers and programmers roll out more TV Everywhere applications.

The partnership lets multichannel service providers and media companies introduce new services across digital devices in an integrated fashion, leaning on tools from both companies, and was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

At the show, we caught up with David Adams, VP Corporate Development at Accedo, for more insight into how Accedo works. He tells us that medium-size and smaller publishers, in particular, are turning to Accedo to help roll out content across connected TVs in a more streamlined fashion.

Accedo’s tools are designed to let operators distribute their programming across a range of platforms and with a variety of ad networks, Adams explains. For more insight into the nuts and bolts of Accedo’s business and how programmers are working with smart TV technologists, check out this video interview.

-Daisy Whitney