Cosumer electronics giant LG is readying the launch of a two-screen API for its  content partners, allowing users to manage and interact with programming on the big screen using an app on their tablet or phone, says Matthew Durgin, Director of Smart TV Sponsorships at LG, in this interview with Beet.TV

Durgin says that this effort will be announced at CES in Las Vegas in January – and will be a big part of the company's product push in 2013. 

The use of an app to manage the big screen will likely take a big leap forward with the introduction of the Apple TV, writes Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire in a guest column on AllThingsD.

In the interview, he speaks about other recent developments including an app which runs Verizon FiOS, the LG "cloud" for personal videos and the growth of content partners and marketers on the smart TV app environment.

We spoke with Durgin at the TV of Tomorrow conference in Manhattan.

Andy Plesser