CHICAGO — GRPs are starting to become the norm for online buying, but TV will also begin to use more digital metrics in media buying and planning, says Michael Glantz, analyst with Forrester Research. Beet.TV contributor Ashley Swartz spoke to Glantz at the Beet.TV Advertising Leadership Summit in Starcom’s Chicago offices for a discussion of Forrester’s recently-released report on the role of GRPs in digital media.

“Anyone who wants to play in cross-platform media planning will have to use GRPs…even though most people know the GRP is inadequate,” Glantz tells Beet.TV. That’s why other forms of measurement such as cross-platform reach, engagement across screens, and set-top box data will become more important for marketers to augment their TV buys. “You will see TV get more digital. You are seeing specific TV data sets emerge to make TV smarter,” he says in this video interview.

When assessing campaigns, marketers will look at GRPs to validate the campaign, but at other forms of measurement to determine the effectiveness, he says. He adds that he doesn’t expect addressable TV to have a huge impact on the TV ad market because the opportunity doesn’t extend much beyond local operators.

Daisy Whitney