CHICAGO — To support one of its centerpiece TV franchises, CBS recently launched a two-screen app for NCIS: Los Angeles, borne out of the network’s social TV efforts over the last year, says Kenneth Lagana, Senior VP CBS Interactive Sales. Beet.TV interviewed him at the Beet.TV Video Advertising Summit in Chicago.

With the app, fans can access additional content, such as photos and videos, and can take a look at evidence used in the show. The social TV app is a logical next step in CBS’ social strategy, Lagana explains to Beet.TV. In July, the network introduced CBS Connect, its own social platform for CBS programming that gives the network the means to reach the more than 170 million people it says are friends or followers via social sites of CBS properties. CBS bet big in social TV with it telecast of the Grammys earlier this year, using that as a vehicle to reach out to fans in social circles well in advance of the show, he explains.

Brands can be integrated into these second-screen apps in various ways, he tells us.

Daisy Whitney