Ad platform Undertone has introduced a money-back guarantee for its video ads that focuses on whether the ads viewed were initiated by the user.

Undertone has offered guarantees for its ads since 2008 and this is the first time it's done so for video, the company's Jared Skolnick, VP of Product Marketing, tells Beet.TV in an interview about the new offering. 

The company is promising a $50,000 guarantee that advertisers will only receive user-initiated video streams, the most valuable kind, if they contract for that in their ad deals, Skolnick explains to Beet.TV in this interview. "When you buy user-initiated video it's always in a place where the user intended to get a video. They either clicked to play or clicked on a link," he says," he says, and adds that Undertone hasn't yet had to pay out on any of its quality guarantees in nearly 10,000 campaigns that were guaranteed, meaning users are getting what they pay for. 

Daisy Whitney