AMSTERDAM — Technology giant Cisco recently completed its acquisition of video software firm NDS in a move that could help boost Cisco’s video business.

Beet.TV talked to Sachin Sathaye, Senior Marketing Manager for Video Solutions, at the recent IBC Show in Amsterdam.

NDS brings video security, advertising tools, and set-top box software to the table, Sathaye explains in this video interview. NDS is also strong in the satellite market and in the Asian markets to go along with Cisco’s foothold in North America and Europe, he tells us. Cisco is pursuing video in the cloud services aggressively and has been since the start of the year. “At the end mile where bandwidth matters and you are watching the video, [the service provider] has to recognize which screen and which bandwidth you need and that decision has to be made in the cloud,” he says to Beet.TV, explaining some of the challenges in cloud-based video delivery.

Daisy Whitney