AMSTERDAM – Earlier this year,  Adobe
launched Project
, a unified video platform that provides a single solution for
Adobe streaming, digital rights management, advertising, audience management and
analytics.  We interviewed
Ashley Still, Director of Video Solutions at Adobe, earlier this month at the
IBC show to get an update on the initiative.

"In the early days of
Internet video, companies really needed technology—technology to publish
content and play back content," Still explained.  Today, brands are not only looking for this technology, but
they are also looking to solve the business problem of how to monetize this
content, once the video is in front of the viewer.

Project Primetime is an
integrated video platform that combines Adobe’s history in video publishing and
streaming with analytics that allow users to gather rich data about what people
are watching and how they’re engaging with the content.  This engagement can then be translated
into advertising decisions, optimizing targeting and personalization.  Still says, "this really enables our
customers not only to build audiences, but to efficiently and effectively
monetize that audience."

Megan O’Neill