Video Metadata Growing More Sophisticated, RAMP’s CEO

VIEQUES — For video to become more discoverable, the metadata needs to be more sophisticated and connect to text and other related videos as well, says Tom Wilde, CEO of RAMP, a content optimization platform during an intervew with Jason Pontin, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the MIT Technology Review at the Beet.TV executive retreat


Adobe to Integrate MPEG Dash from the “Player to the Server”

AMSTERDAM – MPEG Dash, the newly standardized format for streaming digital video, will help broadcasters seamlessly move content to digital devices, will be part of the Adobe ecosystem from its player to its servers, says Arjun Saksena, Senior Project Manager in this interview with Beet.TV


Adobe Touts “Project Primetime,” Solution for Building & Monetizing Online Video Audiences

AMSTERDAM – Earlier this year,  Adobe launched Project Primetime, a unified video platform that provides a single solution for Adobe streaming, digital rights management, advertising, audience management and analytics.  We interviewed Ashley Still, Director of Video Solutions at Adobe, earlier this month at the IBC show to get an update on the initiative.


Adobe Launches Collaborative Workflow Platform for Video Production

AMSTERDAM – Adobe has a new collaborative video editing platform which it announced at the IBC show in Amsterdam.  The platform, called Adobe Anywhere, enables teams to work together on Premiere, After Effects, and Prelude projects from virtually anywhere with a network connection.


Adobe’s Ashley Still on Video Platform Transformation: Dash, Flash, HTML, AIR and “PhoneGap”

AMSTERDAM — Adobe is fully behind MPEG Dash as an emerging standard for live streaming, sees continued dominance of Flash on the desktop, is committed to HTML and sees AIR and PhoneGap as solutions for mobile distribution, says Ashley Still, Director of Video, in this wide-ranging conversation about the changing platforms for video content distribution.  


Adobe Claims “Industry Leadership” in Video Editing with 2.5 Million Users

AMSTERDAM – With 2.5 million users, or “seats,” for its Premiere Pro editing software package, Adobe has become the “industry leader,” says Bill Roberts, Director of  Video Product Management, in this interview with Beet.TV


Multiscreen Viewing Proved Out for Olympics on BBC, Adobe’s Allison

AMSTERDAM — While the Olympics is a big screen event, the BBC learned that multiscreen viewing played a vital role for viewers not only in recapping the Games but also in the primary consumption, says Steve Allison, Senior Technology Evangelist at Adobe, which handled Olympics streaming for the BBC.