Video advertising platform, Unruly's new 'Social Video Lab' is designed to increase the ROI for brand videos, by providing a plethora of metrics that communicate the level of consumer engagement with the video content, says the president of Unruly's American unit, Art Zeidman in this interview with Beet.TV

The London based-lab, is a physical space where video creators can test the effectiveness of their video using the lab's  sentiment tracking and competitive intelligence tools, along with focus groups to get detailed feedback on how their audiences are engaging with the content.

Unruly's technology will measure everything from physical to emotional reactions by analyzing eye tracking and various other biometrics to help advertisers understand the science behind viral videos, Sasson explains.

The organization plans to bring the lab to America in the future and eventually make the potluck of technologies more mobile, unrestricted by a physical space.

Nitya Rajan