Mashable, which calls itself the largest independent news source for digital culture and social media with 20 million monthly unique visitors, has been building its video operations recently with both in-house operations and syndication deals with independent producers.

Today, Adam Ostrow, Executive Editor, announced that Beet.TV has become part of the Mashable video operation through a syndication arrangement whereby many Beet.TV videos will be published and distributed by Mashable.  The Beet.TV videos can be found here on Mashable.

"The Mashable Video platform brings the most relevant video content from around the Web to Mashable's community and creates an opportunity for publishers to build audience and monetization," said Ostrow.

"We're excited to be adding Beet.TV and its tremendous access to events and personalities to the platform and look forward to working with Andy and his team."

Here at Beet.TV, we looking forward to working with Mashable as a powerful, influential partner to help grow our brand globallly.

The deal with Mashable is non-exclusive but it greatly expands our distribution which includes the Huffington Post, TechCrunch/Crunchbase, AOL On, Dailymotion and YouTube.

In May at the Digitas Digital News Fronts, I spoke with Adam about the expansion of video creation and distribution at Mashable.   We have republished that interview here.

Our agreement with Mashable was first reported in this feature about Beet.TV in the Britiish journalism and media blog

Andy Plesser