An optimized video experience can double the amount of viewing time. That’s the finding of online video ad technology firm Conviva, says the company’s Darren Feher, president and CEO, during an interview with Beet.TV.

Conviva’s video optimization tools are used for about 2 billion streams each month for major media companies such as HBO, ESPN, ABC and more, and the company found that about 20% of video streams aren’t otpmized to the best quality they can be. That could mean the user encounters buffering or stuttering, for instance, he tells us in this video interview.

“If you take the viewers who have an un-optimized experience, they watch half as long,” Feher says. He adds that for every 1% of time that people spend with buffering that equates to a loss of four minutes in viewing. When video, and the ads in the video, are optimized for a high-quality playback, then viewers will often spend more time watching, giving a publisher more opportunities to sell ads. 

For more insight into exactly how much revenue a range of Web sites can potentially realize with optimized video, check out this video interview. 

Beet.TV interviewed Feher at the recent VideoNuze conference.