With the hundreds of video ad vendors offering services for publishers and ad buyers, online video technology provider Adap.TV recently launched its App Center to give buyers a one-stop shop for trafficking a buy. We caught up with Adap.tv Co-founder Teg Grenager for details on how the App Center works.

“You can find a lot of vendors under one roof…you should be able to do very precise targeting, very precise measurement,” Grenager says in this video interview. He adds that Adap.TV launched the App Center due to customer demand and usage patterns after seeing that many publishers were running their entire video ad businesses using Adap.tv. “If we want our customers to truly use us to run their businesses then we need to provide them with all the capabilities they need.”

The App Center lets customers execute an ad buy from start to finish and select from a range of vendors to use for analytics, data, rich media and verification, for instace. Vendors integrated into the service include Innovid, BlueKai, Datalogix, AdAdvisor by TargusInfo, and others.

We interviewed Grenager at the recent VideoNuze conference.

-Daisy Whitney