TEL AVIV — One of the biggest issues that brands and businesses face when using online video to market their products is converting viewers into action takers.  Viewbix aims to solve this problem with an interactive video solution that enables creators to add interactive apps to any video to increase engagement and encourage action.

Viewbix CEO Jonathan Stefansky says, "The whole point of video creation, and spending your time and effort creating a video is to drive action."  Viewbix encourages action with interactive apps that live within the video player itself.  Through the Viewbix platform, viewers can do things like make purchases, get more information, sign up for newsletters, follow brands on social networks and more, all from within the viewing window.

In this video interview, Stefansky explains that Viewbix users are seeing unbelievable interaction rates.  "We’re seeing on average that when someone starts watching a video in a Viewbix player more than 20% of the viewers are taking some type of action."  Watch the video to find out more about how non-profits, musicians, real estate agents and more are using Viewbix.

Check out our interview with Viewbix COO Hillel Scheinfeld on the $2 million funding round that the company announced earlier this week.

Megan O’Neill