Tel Aviv — Vodio, a video discovery iPad application developed by Israel-based start-up Vodio Labs, is solving the longstanding problem of personalized video recommendations.

In this interview with Beet TV, Vodio Labs CEO and Co-Founder Jonathan Messika discusses problems faced by video personalization apps in the past, as well as how Vodio is working to make video recommendations more relevant.

Messika explains that he and the other founders of Vodio started the company out of a personal frustration with video discovery.  Messika found that the videos being recommended to him on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook simply weren’t relevant for him.

He says, “there are two main aspects to how we personalize video content, and I think we’re doing it differently than other applications out there.”  Vodio is using the Pandora-style thumbs up and thumbs down, which allows them to calculate users’ affinity towards specific topics, paired with an analysis of users’ social networks, including what they like and who they are following.

Megan O’Neill