To grow digital advertising, online video providers would be wise to standardize metrics along the lines of TV, says Jason Dimberg, Yahoo's senior director of video programming and operations during a Beet.TV live show at the National Association of Broadcasters' Show in Las Vegas.

"We have to bring volume to the table to hard sell with advertisers and marketers and agencies on shifting [to digital]," he says. "We need to show increased scale of premium content and we need to standardize metrics across TV and digital."

Digital video already delivers promising results in brand recall, ad favorability and message recall, he says. That's why it makes sense for advertisers to optimize their ads for various screens. "If you can adjust the ad experience based on distribution, you can maintain those lifts," he says. 

Even so, the business needs scale and that will most likely come through a common currency, similar to AOL's adoption of GRPs with Nielsen. After all, of the five hours of video Americans watch every day, 98% of those are seen on a TV set, Nielsen said in its latest cross-platform report.

Ashley Swartz, founder of Furious Minds, helped Beet.TV moderate this session. Swartz is former SVP and leader of the interactive video practice at Digitas. This segment is part of a live show produced at the NAB Show in Las Vegas by Livestream. 

Daisy Whitney