Madison Avenue needs scale for online video to snag more ad budgets, so expect increased adoption of GRPs online, says Beet.TV’s own Andy Plesser, during his recap of the National Association of Broadcasters’ Show with Ashley Swartz, who moderated a Beet.TV live show at the event.

The use of GRPs by premium online video networks could create a tipping point for online video and make it easier for buyers to shift dollars from TV to online. Other trends to come in online video this year will be in more crossover amongst TV and digital buyers, Plesser says. He also contends that the most fertile content opportunities for digital lie in monetizing valuable archives and niche entertainment videos. 

Plesser spoke to content delivery networks at NAB and reports that the cost of serving content is rising, putting CDNs in a strong position. “It’s not a commodity,” he says.

Ashley Swartz, founder of Furious Minds, helped Beet.TV moderate this session. Swartz is former SVP and leader of the interactive video practice at Digitas. This segment is part of a live show produced at the NAB Show in Las Vegas by Livestream. 

Daisy Whitney

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