Innovid, the New York-based interactive video ad firm that has set the standard for interactive pre-roll with their iRoll product, has recently expanded their service, enabling individuals and small enterprises to create and publish interactive pre-roll in minutes.

In this video interview, Innovid CEO Zvika Netter explains that agencies and publishers can now use Innovid’s iRoll completely self-serviced.  "They can create an iRoll literally within minutes, by themselves."  He explains that, using iRoll, "Anybody can take any existing pre-roll and make it interactive…and run it at scale" on all of the major video ad networks in the United States, from MSN to AOL, Yahoo, and all the major TV networks’ websites.

Netter also talks about another recent announcement from Innovid—agencies and publishers using iRoll can now easily create interactive pre-roll to be screened across multiple devices.  He explains that Innovid is now making it easy "to build it once and run it everywhere."

We interviewed Netter at the IAB Digital Video conference in New York.  Watch the full interview to find out more about what Innovid is doing with interactive video advertising, and how they dealing with the cross-platform issue.

Netter also discusses some of the most popular interactive features of the iRoll, including slideshows, long-form content, ticket sales, coupons and more.


Megan O’Neill