In advance of the coming launch of its platform to connect brands and producers, online video advertising company Outrigger Media is partnering with production company Zero Point Zero and travel and lifestyle brand Tumi for a branded content show that's already amassed nearly 60,000 views for its first three episodes after one week of launch, Outrigger's CEO Mike Henry tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

The new series "Bourdain's Travel Crew" is an interesting example of the type of work Outrigger is aiming to do in matching producers with brands. As a brand, Tumi has more of a online video feel, so the connection between the premium luggage maker and the crew behind popular TV host Anthony Bourdain was a good fit. Tumi is featured prominently in each episode. "This is a connection between a brand that had a goal and a producer that had the talent, crew and audience," Henry tells Beet.TV.

The key to driving audience on YouTube is delivering consistent programming, promoting the video and maximizing SEO, he says. In April, Outrigger will launch is OpenSlate studios, a platform to connect brands and producers using qualitative audience data. In advance of the launch, Outrigger is readying profiles for thousands of producers, Henry says, explaining in the video interview how OpenSlate will work.

Daisy Whitney