LAS VEGAS — Scripps Networks has seen a dramatic increase in video consumption as a result of syndicating its videos across many Web sites, the content company's Jeff Meyer, Senior VP and General Manager for Interactive Sales at Scripps, said during an interview with Beet.TV at CES.

"The idea of a video destination site being popular enough isn't realistic. There is a huge category of consumers in the food category that might not be Food Network users, so they might find the Food Network video at a site they love to go to, but they don't go to," he explained. However, if videos are easily accessible via search or via other sites on the Web, those are ways to expose more viewers to the content.

Scripps has distributed its videos across many Web sites, including AOL-owned 5min, food sites and blogs in an effort to reach food-centric consumers where they spend their Internet time, he said. Scripps has said Web visitors spend more time and consume more pages on its sites across mobile, social and video platforms than on other food sites, according to comScore figures.