Connected TVs are starting to become part of the mix for managing ads, rights and payments across devices for programmers, said JoAnna Abel, VP Marketing for online video technology firm FreeWheel during an interview with Beet.TV at CES.

Abel also expects live programming to increase in use and consumption this year with the Superbowl streaming live online in a few weeks, as well as live election coverage, and live streaming of Olympics events this summer. “We are dynamically inserting advertising into content. Whether live or on-demand or simulcast, we are managing all of that,” she said. “This year we’ll see producers and distributors increasingly comfortable putting live, simulcast, on-demand programming online.”

She added that Freewheel expects to grow from 140 employees to about 200 by the end of 2012. Recently, FreeWheel reported that online video ad views rose at a faster rate than video views in the third quarter.

Daisy Whitney