MONACO, Cote d'Azur — While Europe grapples with turmoil and uncertainty, the tech start-up scene is thriving, says Loic Le Meur, who reports that the number of applications from companies wanting to present at the Le Web conference has doubled from 300 to 600 this year.

He added that many of the start-ups were original and innovative, not the sort of "copycats" of American companies seen in the past.

Last week, he announced the line-up for Le Web, the three-day conference in Paris, which will be themed this year around location-based technology innovation. Google's Eric Schmidt will be the keynote speaker.

Le Meur is founder of Le Web and CEO of Seesmic.

We spoke on Friday at the Monaco Media Forum about innovation in Europe and the yet unfulfilled promise of location-based technology.

Andy Plesser