Gannett, the nation's largest newspaper group, is getting $40-50 per thousand video views on several of its smaller market newspapers, says Kate Walters, SVP for Video at Gannett Digital.

This is many times higher than conventional industry rates for video on big web sites.

In this segment from the Beet.TV leadership summit on online video news creation and discovery, Walters also speaks about the high degree of engagement around video on papers that Gannett publishes for the U.S. military.

Walters says that the publisher is solving the issue of creating pre-roll advertising for small businesses by working with vendors including Pointroll, Jivox, and AdoTube.

Also in this segment is Ira Silberstein, SVP of Tabloola, and Blaise Zerega, CEO of

Taboola sponsored the 90-minute Webcast from the New York studios of Livestream.

Andy Plesser