Historically, newspaper editors have been slow to embrace video, in part from a long-held print bias. Video editors have had to struggle for visibility on newspaper sites. 

This beginning to change, notably with Gannett, which has prominently placed a big video player on the home page of many of its 80 papers and has interspersed video thumbnails on article pages.

Speaking in this excerpt from the Beet.TV webcast on video news creation and discovery is Blaise Zerega, CEO of Fora.tv, Ira Silberstein, SVP of Taboola, and Kate Walters, SVP for Video at Gannett Digital.

Walters explains (at 3:00 into the clip) how the implementation of the Taboola video recommendation engine has driven incremental video views of 10 percent month-to-month. She added that the prominent video player on the home pages of many of the group's papers has driven views by 700 percent on some sites.

Taboola sponsored the Webcast which was produced last month at the Livestream studios in New York City.

Andy Plesser