Hulu, the entertainment portal which is also the biggest online video advertising platform, having served nearly one billion ads last month, provides double the return to advertisers, compared to television, says Kevin McGurn, VP of Sales for Hulu.

In this interview with Beet.TV, he says that the ad load, meaning the advertising minutes within a long form television show, is half of television.  He tells Beet.TV that Hulu is on track to reach $500 million in sales this year.

Hulu is reported to being shopped to potential buyers this week.

McGurn was a panelist at yesterday's Beet.TV Online Video Leadership webcast.  The entire session can be found here.

We spoke with McGurn before the event began.

What a Great Event, Indeed

Thanks to for presenting this event with us, to our hosts at Horizon Media, our superb panelists, the crew from Livestream and to Mike Shields and Brian Stelter for helping out with moderating.  Many more segments to come, both one-on-one's and excerpts from the panels.  Stay tuned.

Andy Plesser