SAN BRUNO, CA — YouTube is partnering with Dublin-based  Storyful to curate breaking news on YouTube's CitizenTube channel, says Olivia Ma, manager of news at YouTube in this interview with Beet.TV

Storyful, which employes former CNN and Irish Times journalists, provides a real-time, social media curation tool.  It provides both a free and paid services, according to this report on PBS Newshour.

The YouTube/Storyful alliance began as a sort of experiment in January, around the uprisings in the Middle East.  Here is a report by Megan Garber at the Neiman Journalism Lab.

We spoke with Ma about the organization of news video around several channels on the giant video sharing site. 

She explains the value YouTube provides to mainstream media who upload to the site, which includesThe Assoicated Press, The New York Times and CBS News and hundreds of others.

This is the third in a series of interviews we conducted with Ma at YouTube headquarters earlier this month.

Andy Plesser