An industry initiative, lead by The New York Times, the AP and Getty Images, to surface deep data around news content including video, will be introduced in the Hearst newsroom this summer.  

This will be an initial phase, say Michael Dunn, CTO of Hearst Interactive in this interview with Beet.TV

The implementation comes with finalization of standards by the IPTC.  These standards involve the customization of the W3C's RDFa.

According to Dunn, the adoption of these semantic Web protocols will provide greater contextulization of news along with powerful tools for syndication and curation.

More on these developments on Dunn's site.

In a related report, in today's New York Times, Steve Lohr reports on how mining of raw data may lead to surge in innovation.

We spoke with Dunn earlier this week at Streaming Media East.

Andy Plesser