DramaFever, New York-based destination site for Korean dramas for audiences in the US and Canada is expanding its content offering and has just landed a $4.5 million investment, according a report in GigaOM.

Korean dramas are more akin to a mini-series with a clearly defined end than to American soap operas that last for decades. Seung Bak, Managing Principal of DramaFever, explains, "When we say 'dramas,' this is not the sort of the like the "Days of Lives" or "General Hospital" content. This is the equivalent of "Lost" or "24" in much of Asia."

Many Korean dramas are popular throughout much of Asia and are a part of the "Korea wave" of the 21st century. DramaFever hopes to tap into fans of Korean dramas and offer a legal option to view the popular shows, complete with English subtitles. 

We interviewed Bak in 2009 and have republished the interview today.