WASHINGTON – Many top financial institutions are producing original video programming in-house, from 90-second equity analyst reports to market analysis and extended discussions.  Scores of banks, including JP Morgan Chase and UBS, are having their video content distributed by Thomson Reuters via Reuters Insider.

Reuters Insider is a subscription service which exists on the Reuters desktop used by some 500,000 financial professionals around the globe.  Insider has feeds from  200 financial institutions and business news producers including CNBC, Forbes.com and Beet.TV.

In addition to providing a programming outlet, Thomson Reuters also provides an online video platform which provides a system to manage video product flow and syndication.

We got this overview on the Reuters Insider by Mike Stepanovich, Managing Director of the Reuters Insider earlier this month at The Washington Post, at the Beet.TV Video Journalism Summit where he was a panelist.

Andy Plesser