Online video demographics are shifting towards older females and ad agencies are taking note. The Web viewing world had been dominated early on by young guys, but now women 34 to 64 are watching online video and that’s especially encouraging for consumer packaged goods advertisers, said Michael Turcotte, VP media director at Zenith Media.

He attended the recent YuMe road show in New York and spoke to Beet.TV about the findings.

At the event, YuMe, Magid and Nielsen presented joint research on the online video audience and ad effectiveness. The YuMe-Magid research found that online video audiences are shifting compared to a year ago and are now skewing older, female and higher educated.

That’s a promising trend for advertisers and marketers to keep in mind, Turcotte said. “A lot of CPG companies are looking for how to effectively target females 34 to 64,” he said, adding that it’s making more sense now to view online video almost like a daypart the same way marketers look at cable, prime or even late-night.

Daisy Whitney

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