After considerable anticipation and disappointment around the value of video for newspapers, one big publisher has found profitability by utilizing low cost cameras, a decentralized workflow approach and an effective sales strategy.

John Paton, CEO of the Journal Register Company, a publisher of 324 online and print properties in 10 states, says in this interview with Beet.TV that the his company is publishing 1000 videos per week and is reaching 1.3 million monthly video views and finding profitability.

Earlier this year, the company integrated cloud-based editing, production and syndication platform called Syndicaster from Critical Media. In this interview, Paton explains how the system allows reporters to shoot, edit and publish directly into the paper's content management system with out the "bottle neck" of a centralized editing team.

In this interview, Paton explains how revenue from video and other digital sources is driving profitability. This is our second video with Paton. You can find our first here.

For an additional explanation of the Syndicaster solution, we spoke with Critical Media CEO Sean Morgan.  We have published his interview below.