While more and more online video publishers are connecting with audiences in their living rooms with smart TV’s, Blu-ray players and devices such as Roku and Google TV, advertising on these platforms is not yet in place.

Flash-based ads don’t work on televisions. As a result, the industry exploring a number of scenarios.

YuMe Networks, the online video advertising technology solution provider and ad network, will soon embed its technology in connected devices, so ads can be effectively served.

For an overview of advertising on connected devices and the look of solutions to come, your corespondent spoke with Jayant Kadambi, president and co-founder of YuMe Networks.

Recently, we published in an interview with Blip.tv CTO Justin Day who described the challenges in serving ads onto connected TV’s.

At Roku, Brian Jaquet tells Beet.TV that monetization is limited right now at present.

Andy Plesser 

Disclosure:  YuMe Networks is a sponsor of Beet.TV