SAN FRANCISCO –  StumbleUpon, the big content referral engine, in which new content discoveries aka "stumbles" are referred to others, is moving directly into video discovery with a new video player and strategy.

Last month at the New Tee Vee LIve conference in San Francisco, our correspondent Jamison Tilsner interviewed Oliver Hsiang, Director of Strategic Partnerships about the new initiative.

He explains how StumbleUpon is working with various video publishers in getting content onto it site. Publishers are up on the platform including Funny or Die, YouTube, Hulu and TED.

He tells Beet.TV that the Stumble video platform will soon be distributed via Apps and on devices.

In his report, New Tee Vee's Ryan Lawler likens the new discovery engine Pandora, his headline reads: StumbleUpon Wants to be the Pandora of Video.

The San Francisco-based company was acquired then later sold by eBay last April.  Here is our interview with CEO Garrett Camp.

Andy Plesser

Note: Correspondent Jamison Tilsner is the Video Evangelist for Kantar Video.  His work for Beet.TV is separate from his work for Kantar.