After 40 years, it is gratifying to connect with so many young people who are watching and commenting on my high school film in a new, mashed-up form.

There have been 400,000 views, with over 500 ratings, and 600 comments with more added daily.

The mash-up was done by a YouTube member who calls herself Sara “Adorkable,” she says she is 19 and likes to do parodies.  She first uploaded this version last December. Traffic and comments have spiked recently.

Sara did a nice job in editing the video from its original 10 minutes to just over 4 and adding a beautiful new soundtrack.  The music is the song “Tiny Vessels,” from the band Death Cab for Cutie, which Sara admits on her YouTube page she doesn’t own.

I wrote, shot, and edited “Page 2” back in 1969 with a Bolex 16mm camera borrowed from the football coach.  It was autobiographical story about my life of love, alienation, and easing the pain with a little weed.  (I am not in the film.)

I uploaded my film to Google Video about three years ago  and posted it to YouTube more recently.

Back in the early 70’s, the film was distributed by the American Psychiatric Association to parent groups to help them understand those crazy young people.  Not sure if it was useful, but the film sold well and provided some helpful income during my college years.

I’ve pasted the Sara’s mash-up on the top of this page and my original version below.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer