While much of buzz about video streaming has been about Netflix, Amazon has around four times as many videos available — and provides TV shows the next day and movies the day a DVD is shipped.

While Netflix streaming is a monthly subscription, the Amazon service costs per program/film as rental or purchase.

Amazon has proven quite popular on Roku, the Internet-connected box for television sets, says Roku's Brian Jaquet in this interview with Beet.TV

At home, where we connect via Roku, we found the Amazon on-demand video library for new films appeared close to offerings on Verizon FIOS.   

Movies in the Cloud

Jaquet explains that purchased Amazon shows are accessible on multiple Amazon-enabled devices.

Update:  More about Web/TV convergence with the launch of Sezmi, Jenna Wortham reports in today's New York Times.  Much more today from The Times in a big feature package titled "Sofa Wars."

Andy Plesser