NEW YORK — Despite the gloom around the advertising and media world, we found Advertising Week and its many events upbeat. I caught up with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong on Monday evening outside the tent AOL erected in Times Square for a  big advertiser event.        

AOL has made a big move to New York in recent month and Armstrong told me that the company "wants to be a big part" of the City. 

At the AOL event, I ran into veteran New York Times advertising columnist Stuart Elliott who seemed surprised by the AOL press event and reception and all the buzz.  I asked him about his impressions of this year's Advertising Week — he said that given the problems with the industry, it was amazing that Advertising Week took place at all this year.

David Kiley of Business Week ran into Armstrong at the event.

We have a bunch of video from Advertising Week, including a good deal of exclusive Yahoo! interviews.  Stay tuned to the purple channel.

Andy Plesser, Managing Editor