Qik, the mobile video platform, is being integrated into Brightcove, the big video services company.   Initially, mobile users will be able upload files, but soon after they will be able to stream live to Brightcove-powered sites.

This could be an important development in, so called, "citizen journalism," allowing users to upload directly from mobile devices to newspaper sites, including The New York Times and the Washington Post, both which are powered by Brightcove.

Additionally, this could work as a new way to power video "letters to the editor."

Qik is integrated in several video-sharing and live sites, including YouTube, Justin.tv, and LiveStream.

Here's more on the integration on the Qik blog including a demo on how the integration works.

And, here is more information on the Brightcove blog.

I've republished my interview with Qik's Bhaskar Roy about the company and its business model.  This clip was originally published last May.

Qik App on the Android?

In unrelated news, TechCrunch is reporting a development of an application for  the Android.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer