Smart, enterprising journalists working outside the legacy of a conventional newsrooms, often in their homes, may the future of journalism — and Kara Swisher and Sharon Waxman, two former Washington Post reporters, might have figured it out.

Kara visited Sharon Waxman, editor and founder of the much talked about, new Hollywood business publication called The Wrap. They met at the Wrap's HQ in Sharon's home in Santa Monica. 

Sharon was most recently a Hollywood business beat reporter for the New York Times.  Her company has been funded by Maveron, a Seattle-based VC fund. 

Kara and Walt Mossberg are of the principals of AllThingsD, a Dow Jones unit which operates independently from the Journal. Kara was tech reporter at the Wall Street Journal before launching AllThingsD. She has also authored several books.

Next month, Kara and Walt will preside over their seventh AllThingD conference in Carlsbad, California.  Beet.TV will be on the scene to cover.

This is a really good interview about where journalism maybe going. 

And, here's my favorite Kara Swisher video, the one she made when she visited Beet.TV!

Update: Huffington Tells Congress about the The Mental Health of Journalists

Meanwhile in Washington there was a hearing by a Senate committee today about the health of the newspaper business.  Arianna Huffington addressed the "mental health" of the media, saying that traditional media has Attention Deficit Disorder and many online journalists suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  TechCrunch has the report up.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer